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Parenting Workshops

Mission Church
Parenting Workshops

Parenting is hard, and last time we checked kids don't come with instruction manuals. That's why we are excited to offer a free workshop to help equip and support you as parents on how to engage your son or daughter more intentionally around some crucial topics.

Workshop Details

Saturday August 24 (Adults only.)
82 Stratford Drive, Bloomingdale
8:30am - Coffee & Scones
9:00am - 12:30pm 

This will be a unique workshop designed to help you through each phase of your child’s life regarding the crucial conversations about sex.

Phase 0-4 years old: “You’re fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Phase 5-10 years old: “Preventative identity theft.”

Phase 11-18 years old: “Living purposely in a permissive world.”

Special Guest Michelle Lenz has a Masters in Mental Health Counseling with a Theology Minor, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and she is a Qualified Mental Health Professional

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