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Start & Manage

Welcome to the hub for all things giving at Mission.

Here you can set up a new giving profile, manage your current giving, access your giving history, and learn how all this "automatic faithfulness" stuff works.


Start Giving

If you're ready to support your local church then you've found step #1! Just follow the link to our secure giving platform and follow the simple steps.


Manage Giving

You're already investing in your local church! The impact of your generosity is felt and much appreciated. At Mission we believe that assessing your giving is a priority and our giving platform* makes that process super simple.

If at any time you would like to change the amount of your recurring donation simply setup a new recurring donation with the new amount you'd like to give, then delete the old recurring donation.

*Currently Mission uses two different giving platforms to manage profiles created pre and post January 1st 2017. If you would like more information about what transitioning your giving to our new, easier to use platform looks like checkout this link: Join The Future >

Pre January 1st 2017 profiles.
ie: Old Platform

Post January 1st 2017 profiles.
ie: New Platform