Mission Church

Step 3

Mission Church
Step 3

Bigger Stories.

Gospel Fluency (Formerly Gospel Primer.) will equip you to form a Gospel foundation, discover your true identity, observe your ongoing transformation, and be empowered to live differently -- all to experience the Gospel in a continuous way in every area of life. You're already a Partner at Mission and thirsty for more.

What's a Partner? >

Well, when you take this step to Grow you begin to experience the lasting change you are looking for, your relationships are waiting for, and your city is desperate for.

How’s It Preparing Me?
• Helps you apply the Gospel to your everyday life.
• Increases your Bible engagement.
• Discover your story in God’s story.

Who’s It For?
• Partners of Mission who have completed Step 2 (Formation)
• Experience your faith where you live and work.
• Become more confident in talking about Jesus.