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Contributor of the Week: Joe Book

Mission Church
Contributor of the Week: Joe Book

Contributor of the Week

In this new section we get to hear from someone in our church that has taken a step towards finding their way to contribute to the movement that is Mission Church! We hope that these stories accomplish two things; first they help keep our ever growing church small by helping us get to know each other better, and second to encourage all of us to continually be looking for our own next step!


Meet Joe Book:

Tell us a little about yourself.
I've been married for 12 years to my beautiful wife, Cortney. My son, Jonathan, is six and my daughter, Hannah, just turned two. When I'm not working as a Financial Planner, I moonlight as a DJ for weddings and private parties. I like loud music of most any kind, and I greatly enjoy a good Monte Cristo sandwich. As a lifelong White Sox fan, I have learned how to handle my emotions, both in euphoria and misery. I'm an admitted numbers geek, and I'm happy if I can find my golf ball after I hit it.

What's the story of how you first came to Mission?
John Frank and I grew up in the same church, and when he made the move to join the Mission staff, we connected one afternoon at Starbucks. My wife works every Sunday as an emergency room nurse and I was apprehensive about going to a new church with my son and without my wife. John gave me confidence and guided me through the process of checking Jonathan into Mission Kids. Once I learned about how Mission embraces the communities they serve, I was hooked. July 7, 2013 was the first day I walked through the doors and I've never looked back!

What does Redefining Church mean to you?
Redefining Church in a broad sense means that the church doesn't have to be a place to visit just once per week. It should be a part of the community, both in service and partnership. Children and young adults should see a visible church in their towns. Adults should carry the church with them always. The Benediction states "Wherever you are, that's where the church just showed up." That's an extremely powerful line - carrying yourself in the image of the Lord is what we all strive for. I started my journey with mission about four months before my daughter was born, and so the only church she has ever known is Mission, which I'm proud of. As such, Redefining Church in my house is important. My kids will know that Mission does great work, both in expanding His Kingdom and in teaching the young people how to worship and be great followers of Christ. Nobody does this better than the team at Mission.

What STEP have you recently taken at Mission and why?
I recently served on a Saturday evening at PADS with Mission. The experience was something I'll never forget - it helped me continue to put my life into perspective. I truly don't know why I picked that specific time to serve - I believe the Lord felt I needed to be humbled and reminded that there are many others with challenges far greater than I could ever imagine. Matthew 6:27 says, "Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?" Serving at PADS has helped me worry less and submit my life and my problems to God. It was an incredible STEP in my life, and I look forward to continuing serving the community and the Lord.