Contributor of the Week: Kim Hansen

Contributor of the Week: Kim Hansen

Contributor of the Week

In this new section we get to hear from someone in our church that has taken a step towards finding their way to contribute to the movement that is Mission Church! We hope that these stories accomplish two things; first they help keep our ever growing church small by helping us get to know each other better, and second to encourage all of us to continually be looking for our own next step!


Meet Kim Hansen:

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a partner of mission and I serve on the mission kids team as a host, co-lead a mission group, and I am apart of the leadership team for the holiday gift mart :) . I "obviously" love serving people. My favorite food is sushi and I very much enjoy spending quality time with friends and family.

What's the story of how you first came to Mission?
I started going to mission the week after launch. I had a friend visiting from Kansas City who attended Restore and know of Tommy and Jessica Bowman. She asked if we could check out their new church while she was in town so we came. I left that day knowing I just found my new church home. 

What does Redefining Church mean to you?
Redefining church to me means breaking down the walls of the church and engaging in the community. After all Christ didn't just die for those who walk through the walls of the church he died for all of every person in the 10. 

What STEP have you recently taken at Mission and why?
I have recently taken the step to be a mentor. I'm really excited to invest into someone else's life and to be interruptible with my time. I'm ready to trust God in guiding me on being a good listener and helping someone else project their spiritual growth forward.