The Friday 5 : Jess Roberts

The Friday 5 : Jess Roberts


Each week we are highlighting someone at Mission who will answer 5 questions! Our church may be growing, but getting to know your neighbors should never be hard to do.

Jess Roberts

The Facts: This July will mark a year that my husband, Matt, and I have lived in Illinios. I am currently a barista at Starbucks and a part-time nanny while going to school for acting. My favorite sports team is the Arizona Diamondbacks, while my favorite sports to play are soccer and baseball. We have one fur-baby named Buddy who is a 4 year old husky mix.

1. In one word how would your friends describe you?

Ha, I honestly don't know. I'm sure each one of my friends would have a different word they would say but I think they would all agree that I am loyal. Some of my truest and greatest friendships are my longest relationships. Once I find good people, I like to hold on to them!

2. What is playing on your radio, iPod, etc?

More than 50% of my iPod consists of music by Relient K. They are a Christan rock band that have been my favorite since seventh grade. I normally turn on the playlist that contains all of their CDs and just let it play through. Almost every one of their songs has a special meaning to me.

3. Who is the person who has had the biggest impact on your life?

That's really hard to choose....but I guess I would have to say my Mom. She is a crazy strong lady who, with the help of my Dad, raised four girls who are equally as strong. She has always been the spiritual backbone of our family and has guided and helped me throughout my life, not only as my mom but also as my friend. I'm lucky to have her.

4. Your last meal on earth would be where?

Probably an In-N-Out cheese burger, fries and a fountain Coke and/or Sweet Tea. In-N-Out has always been my first and last meal anytime I visit the west coast. It's a classic from my childhood that I only get on a rare occasion. And my last meal sounds like the perfect occasion.

5. What is one thing you love about Mission?

I really like how nice everyone is. That sounds so generic but its more than that. Since the first day Matt and I strolled into Mission everyone has been crazy sweet, supportive and genuinely welcoming. Every church has greeters but Mission takes it to the next level and has the whole church smiling and saying Hi to everyone. It's a really friendly and caring environment.