The Friday 5 : Matthew Eid

The Friday 5 : Matthew Eid


Each week we are highlighting someone at Mission who will answer 5 questions! Our church may be growing, but getting to know your neighbors should never be hard to do.

Matthew Eid

The Facts:  My wife Terea and two sons Carter (11) and Whalan (8, in May) have been at Mission for 3 1/2 years now. I work for Salesforce, a rapidly growing business software company. I help our sales teams and customers to build business cases and to package up project investment recommendations for executive decision making. I am grateful that my job accommodates working from home about 75% of the time, with my other days traveling to meet with customers in cities across the Midwest and Canada. Sadly, I don't have any normal hobbies, aside from landscaping and DIY projects around the house. My Minnesota roots are behind my affinity for the Vikings and fondness for ice fishing.

1. In one word how would your friends describe you?

Hard working, maybe? Not sure I want that to be my defining quality, but it probably fits. Once I commit to something, I am usually able to find a way make it happen. In recent years, I've been slowly increasing the 'play hard' portion of my "work hard, play hard" mix. Family time is a big part of that.

2. What is playing on your radio, iPod, etc?

A lot of the time, nothing, actually. Terea is often intrigued when I often have the radio off in the car. When I work from home, work in the yard, or happen to exercise, I don't play a device. Call me old-fashioned or weird, but I feel my thoughts flow better without the distraction. When I do crank the tunes, it's often 80's rock, which brings me back to my teenage years.

3. Who is the person who has had the biggest impact on your life?

I'd have to say my mom. Her faithfulness and compassion for others set a great example. She has an utter sense of fairness and truthfulness, which is sometimes extreme, but I still appreciate. She encouraged me to follow my heart, and to grab opportunities despite the risks, in some big decisions in my life.

4. Your last meal on earth would be where?

Getting past the morbidity of the question, I'd definitely want to have a hand in preparing the meal. I'm thinking an idyllic August late-afternoon with family and friends at our family lake place up North. Kids swimming and splashing before the meal, adults relaxing on the sun-dappled deck while the ribs slow cook on the grill. Since indigestion would presumably not be an issue for my last meal, I'll throw in some nice Belgian beers, my Mom's swedish meatballs, a slice of Yakzee's chicken tang pizza, and plenty of desserts, including fresh strawberry pie and from-scratch angel food cake, with green frosting.

5. What is one thing you love about Mission?

The people. The energy of Mission's people and their engagement in The 10 are both amazing and inspiring. That's what first drew us to Mission and a large part of why we have grown to love it!