What Is "Love Where You Live"

What Is "Love Where You Live"

You may already know that our summer teaching series is called: Live Where You Live, however what you might not know is we really mean it! This idea of being a neighbor isn't just something that we think is a "good idea," it's at the heart of what Mission Church is all about!


Making Our Mark

The best thing about this mind set is that it's really simple! To help further illustrate that point we've designed a logo that is instantly understandable. Heart (Love) + House (Neighborhood). You'll be seeing this logo quite a lot this summer, so keep your eyes peeled. Our hashtag is even showing your neighborhoods some love! #❤️🏠


Questions That We're All Asking

This little video is meant to do two things: 1) Give you something super cool to share on your social media networks. 2) Help us call out the questions we're all asking about this neighborhood vision. So, take a look and share!