The Friday 5 : Jason Runyon

The Friday 5 : Jason Runyon


Each week we are highlighting someone at Mission who will answer 5 questions! Our church may be growing, but getting to know your neighbors should never be hard to do.

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Jason Runyon

The Facts: I own JRUN Fitness Solutions and am a Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant. I'm a huge basketball fanatic and March Madness is one of my favorite times of the year. I'm a Duke Blue Devils fan as well as the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks. If I'm not in the gym you'll find me doing something active, outside or eating. Grilling and disc golf are two of my go-to activities.

1. In one word how would your friends describe you?

Intentional. This is something that I've been working on since starting my own business and being able to set my schedule. I still don't think I do it great but, when looking at my own legacy and life, this is something I want to be true of my life. I want how I spend my life, time and interactions to all mean something. I don't want to be known as someone who said yes to everything, but definitely says yes to things that matter. All this, while learning that giving my time is the most precious thing I can give to others because it's the one thing I can't get back.

2. What is playing on your radio, iPod, etc?

This depends on what I'm doing. Working out in the gym it's usually rap or something with a hard beat to keep me going for the 2-3 hours. Outside of that I'll listen to anything; country, rap, hip-hop, christian. If it's something I can sing along to in the car then I'm good with it.

3. Who is the person who has had the biggest impact on your life?

Both of my parents have had the biggest impact in my life. They have shown me what it's like to love others and love God. They have demonstrated how to follow Christ with their lives and have always led me and my siblings toward Him. They have shown strength in some of the hardest situations, and belief that God will be faithful through it all. They have demonstrated over and over again to have eyes for those in need and to have compassion for everyone around you. They let their lives show their faith, and from an early age had our whole family work with refugee families and the under resourced so we understood how blessed we were. They have taught me the importance of working hard and to do your best no matter what you are doing. I am who I am and where I'm at in my life and career because of the lessons that they have taught and shown me through their lives.

4. Your last meal on earth would be where?

I love a great steak with garlic mashed potatoes and veggies. Morton's steakhouse would be great. If I had a deep dish Lou Malnati's Pizza put in front of me I would never complain about that either.

5. What is one thing you love about Mission?

Mission has been great for me. I've been going for awhile but really got plugged into it when my family was going through a lot. The Mission Groups that I have been apart of have been like an extended family for me. I've gained a community of people that I know love and care for me. It's a place where I feel that I belong, that I have a lot of people that I can do life with, and I know that they will be there when life gets hard.