Renew Your Vows On Valentine's Day!

Renew Your Vows On Valentine's Day!

Renew Your Vows On Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's Day (Yes, guys, it's almost here!) you will have an opportunity to do something truly special. During church on February 14th, you will be given the chance to renew your vows as you decided to "Do Family Better" in 2016 and beyond!

Our creative team is already hard at work to make this the special occasion that it is sure to be! Also, be sure to invite those who you'd like to witness firsthand this marker moment.


Vow Renewal FAQ's

Will there be Mission Kids?
Yes. Vow Renewal Sunday will be just like every Sunday from a Mission Families standpoint. Please get there early to check in your children.


Will there be a photographer?
Yes. We are providing 2 photographers to capture moments as you walk down the aisle as well as pictures after the service. Immediately after the service, there will be an option to get your pictures taken in the lobby. We’d encourage you to make this extra special by taking pictures with your children or family members.


When can I pick up my certificate and pictures?
On Sunday February 21st, stop by Steps Matter after either service to pick up your pictures and Vow Renewal Certificate. There will be no cost to both the pictures and certificates. It’s our joy to serve your marriage and invest in your future in this way.


What should I wear?
Everything is acceptable except for your birthday suit :) You can come casual or you can dress to impress. Rumor has it some ladies are dusting off their wedding dresses. The level of fancy and casual is totally up to you.


Do I need to RSVP?
Yes and No. You will get the opportunity to register the day of Vow Renewal. That said, we do need your information so that we can complete your Vow Renewal Certificate but you do not have to register in advance to be part of this. We do ask, however, that you stop by Steps Matter on Sunday February 7th to RSVP. That would help us prepare and get ready for you.


How do I invite my friends and family?
We recommend guilting them into it :) We have provided a Facebook event for this. If your friends and family are on Facebook then invite away. If not, we recommend emailing your friends and family the details and why you would like for them to join you in celebrating the renewing of your vows. We believe this is the best invite you will have until Easter. Let’s pack the place!


Is the stage wheelchair accessible?
If you have trouble walking up stairs or are handicapped, we are ready for you. We will help you get on stage to be ready for your moment. Please see Pastor Mark in the hallway during the 4 minute countdown.


Do I need to be ready to speak or say my own vows?
No. Each couple will walk down the aisle as the Vow Renewal Ceremony begins. You will make your way onto the stage and stand there hand in hand with your spouse. For 5-7 minutes Pastor Jon will encourage you and challenge you as a couple to renew and recommit. He will end his short message by leading everyone in unison in renewing their vows. When he is done, you and your spouse will exit the stage and go back to your seats as our band plays the closing song.


Where should I sit?
You can sit wherever you would like. We do ask that you arrive early because we expect many visitors to join us. 35 minutes into the service Pastor Jon will ask everyone who is ready to renew their vows to stand up and make their way into the hallway. We will then set a 4 minute countdown as the band plays to prepare the auditorium for the Vow Renewal Ceremony. When you get into the hallway, Pastor Mark will be there to greet you and get you in position for your grand entrance.