Contributor of the Week: Justin Bruce

Contributor of the Week: Justin Bruce


In this new section we get to hear from someone in our church that has taken a step towards finding their way to contribute to the movement that is Mission Church! We hope that these stories accomplish two things; first they help keep our ever growing church small by helping us get to know each other better, and second to encourage all of us to continually be looking for our own next step!


MEET Justin Bruce:

Tell us a little about yourself.
I currently serve by running a camera during church services. My favorite food is anything BBQ from Steamboat BBQ in Wheaton. I love to listen to music on vinyl, and I have 2 snakes that don't mind a little Beastie Boys. 

What's the story of how you first came to Mission?
I recently moved out to Streamwood from St. Charles to be closer to the school I teach at. When I moved in, my roommate invited me to come to Mission and I've been coming ever since. 

What does Redefining Church mean to you?
Redefining church means giving people a new community to worship and learn about God in a way that is different from the norm.

What STEP have you recently taken at Mission and why?
The step that I have recently taken was getting baptized and serving on a team at Mission.