Cross Paths This Eve Eve

With the Christmas season comes the blurry lines of fast moving people, faster moving cars, and warpspeed like moments that you can only remember if you blink long enough. We all know movement is a part of life and that it ebbs and flows with the seasons, yet have we considered what could happen if we chose to place our paths in intentional directions?

Christmas Eve Eve Details:
Friday, December 23rd at 5:30pm & 7:00pm

We understand that you can spell Christmas using B-U-S-Y, and that 60 minutes is a lot to ask of anyone when time is in such high demand, but this really isn't about us inviting you to give up minutes and seconds on December 23rd. It's actually about each of us intentionally moving in the direction what matters. Choose to cross paths with Christ. (Even if it's not at Mission!)

The really cool thing about choosing where our paths are directed is that we have the opportunity to affect the paths of people around us. A simple invite has the potential to create new paths; paths that lead to healing, connection, joy, and love.