Orange Takeover

On Sunday, August 21st, we invite you to join us for a family experience that will have you seeing orange!

You've probably heard that our strategy for your kids is called "orange" because we are partnering the light of the church with the heart of the family.

What you haven't heard yet is how this strategy is also an essential component of the DNA of a dangerous church. (see what we did there?) For part 2 of our new series we will be talking about the future that is already here; our kids! We've planned a very special service that will included stage time for our PreK and Elementary kiddos! Make sure to get the camera charged and get that invite out to the grandparents!

We also invite all preschool, elementary, middle and high school families & those ministries volunteers to a good old fashioned picnic directly after services. There will be music, soccer goals, a volleyball net and more! This is a great opportunity to create community and hear the stories that make up the fabric of Mission's vision for the family. If you do decide to join us be sure to check out the list below for details on what to bring!

Things You Should Bring To The Picnic:
Pack a lunch
Folding chairs
Sports equipment (frisbees, footballs, etc.)