Gridiron Selfies

Those selfie skills you've been polishing up are about to be put to the test!

During week three of our series DNA Of A Dangerous Church you received a sweet set of custom Mission eyeblack that is primed to help your masterpiece go viral while at the same time inviting everyone you know to our Fall Kickoff.

That's right, put them on, set the stage, flip your camera, and fire away! Get creative and, whatever you do, make sure to set your temporary profile pic on Facebook ... 

... with a caption of invitation to our Fall Kickoff on Sept. 11th. Can't think of what to say? Try this one on for size:

Join me at Mission before the Bears game on September 11th as we kick off fall with a brand new series, This I Believe. 9:15am or 10:45am! #wearemission #thekickoffbeforethekickoff

By the way, like everything we do at Mission, our staff went first to help give you a point of reference (and a few laughs as well) for these kinds of challenges. Below you'll see our Church Movement Director, Dan Ruta setting the bar pretty high.