Finish Well. Start Strong.

Finish Well. Start Strong.

Never The Same has been a journey of extreme faith and we have seen our Mighty God show up in evident ways! Because of radical generosity, and the power of His Spirit, Mission is poised for the new frontiers ahead.

We are already excited with anticipation for this second year of our Never The Same initiative! 2019 begins with our biggest step yet – moving into our new home! There is one thing you can do to help Mission Church finish well & start strong this Christmas:

We invite you to prayerfully consider making a faith-filled, year end donation!

Maybe you have just begun giving at Mission, or have never given to a church before. Perhaps you made a faith-filled commitment to Never The Same and want to catch up with your fulfillment. And maybe you committed, are faithfully fulfilling, and yet, still desire to be increasingly generous this Christmas.

However God leads you, this donation can be made at any of our December church gatherings and can be made online via the button below, through December 31. Your year end gift will help Mission Church finish 2018 well, leading us to a strong start in our new home in 2019.

In advance, we thank you for continuing this journey with us and for being willing to do what God has called you to do, even when it costs you. It’s worth it because of the transforming work the Spirit of God will do in you, in our church, and through our church - leaving us Never The Same!