Ask. Believe. Commit.

Ask. Believe. Commit.

Committing to Never The Same is as basic as knowing your ABCs. The ABCs are 3 simple prayers; and we’re trusting, in full expectation, that God will speak into your individual story what His will is for your generosity over the next two years.



God, I am asking you to speak. I am committing to listen. Put within my heart the financial amount you would have me give. Father, use this step of obedience to transform me; increasing my dependency on your Holy Spirit.



God, thank you for speaking. As bold and as scary as this is, I trust you. With great faith, I believe that You are my Provider and that You will make a way for me to follow through with this level of generosity.



God, my response today and over the next two years, is “Yes!” With joy and obedience I submit to your leading. In advance, I commit to giving you the glory for authoring a Never The Same story in and through my life.