Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

God spoke to us in 2018 and He said it’s time to Go. It was time again to make a bold move. To step out in faith, like never before, to put it all on the line to make Heaven more crowded... to see more of Heaven invade Earth. God said Go.

Our adventure has only just begun! Requiring more faith, more sacrifice, and more generosity than anything in the history of Mission Church to date. It’s a ready-made recipe for life change; a path toward greater transformation.

Never The Same is a journey of prayer to determine how God would call us to give in such a way that will transform The 10, this church, and your life.That is why we’ve anchored Never The Same in the Biblical truth found in the words of the apostle Paul. An encounter with The Spirit of God will leave you changed. We want every single person to experience this kind of transformation.

God is writing a story that is Never The Same in your life, our church, and The 10!

While most of the building project is over, Never The Same is not. (It’s half time.) Right now we are standing at the critical midpoint of this two-year generosity journey and while we are off to a good start, we gotta have a faith-filled finish.

Generosity is not an event, it’s a journey. That’s why as we embark on our one-year celebration of Never The Same, we are challenging every person (100% of us.) to engage in one of three ways:

1. New Commitment: An encounter with The Spirit of God will leave you changed. We want every person to experience this kind of transformation. Your best next step is to pray through the ABC’s of giving. This is where we are trusting, in full expectation, that God will speak into your individual story what His will is for your generosity over the next year.

2. Renewed Commitment: If you’ve already committed to Never The Same our hope is that you hear two things: 1. Thank you! Your bold faith and generosity are already fueling so much momentum. 2. This is #RealLife. If, along the way, your commitment journey has taken some unexpected twists and turns, this is your opportunity to get back on track! Be encouraged and show the same faith you had when you first made that commitment and finish strong.

3. Increased Commitment: Perhaps, during the first year of your Never The Same commitment, you’ve experienced an increase of faith or finances? In ways you never anticipated, God has poured out his blessing on your life. If this is you, our prayer is that you’d be inspired and ask God if He has a new level of generosity for you to bring before Him.