Parenting is draining. But it doesn't have to be the kind of draining that makes you question why you have kids in the first place.

That's why at Mission we want to partner with you to #DoFamilyBetter.

Make no mistake, in our eyes, you're the primary influencer in your kiddos life. Partnering simply means we're going to do all we can to equip and empower you!

What starts in the 60 minutes we have your child on Sundays is designed to carry over into the other 10,020 minutes you have with them during the week, and we do our best to make that super simple. (You're busy keeping them alive, so it's the least we can do for you.)

So, let us take them off your hands for a bit. Go get some coffee and a little "you-time" with the rest of the adults at Mission. We'll give them back when you're done. Promise.

We're in this together after all.