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Ask the Dr.....A continuation of Mission U (pt. 1)

Jon PeacockComment

Last month at Mission U, we engaged in some fascinating conversation with Dr. Mike Giuliano. I asked Dr. Giuliano if he would continue the conversation here, exclusively on the Wire. Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll reveal some of the key questions we had for Dr. Giuliano, his responses will be in italics. If you did not attend Mission U last month, you can check it out here. Lets get started.

How do you ensure you don't push your views on someone you are in conflict with?

  William Ury says the biggest mistake in conflict resolution is in trying to reason with someone who isn’t interested in what we have to say.  So our task is to make them interested in listening to us.  And how do we create that desire to listen to us?  By AGENDA FREE service to others, and when it comes to communication, by AGENDA FREE listening to others.  Only then will a hard heart soften enough to hear what we have to say.

      Once you have a hearing, then it is your responsibility to model the careful balance between commitment to the truth and humility.  If everything in our faith and in our Bible was 100% clear, then we wouldn’t have over 10,000 Christian denominations.  But just because it isn’t clear doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive to discover truth and then humbly share that truth with others.  God has made himself known and wants us all to know Him!