What made the early church distinct was not so much that they were devoted, as it was WHAT they were devoted to. Acts is clear on this....“they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”

They “attached” themselves to the teaching of the Apostles.  A 1st century follower of Jesus did not have a Bible nor did they have YouVersion on their phone, all they had was was the oral communication of the Scriptures and stories of Jesus. Therefore, the apostles teaching was their Word of God.  They “attached” (the literal meaning of the word “devoted”) themselves to the words of the apostles and “persevered” (the literal secondary meaning of the word “devotion) in listening to the their Teaching.  Some of you are thinking....now that makes sense to me.  I “persevere” every weekend listing to you.  (I kind of stepped into that one. Well played.)

devoted-960x757But, don’t you find that interesting?  There is certainly a persevering element to growing and learning about God.  What will be true of 2013 is what was true of 2012 and that is that it’s not easy to continue to hunger for growth!  Its not natural to desire to every day to open Gods Word and dive in. It has and always will include the verb we run from.... DEVOTION. Growing in the Word is something you have to attach yourself to, its something you fight for and persevere through.  You don’t drift into becoming distinctly devoted...its something you have to chase down.  Its something you have to fight for and cling to.  There is resistance you and I must fight and push through.

So what word would describe your “attachment” to God and His Word?

Devoted, dabbling or disengaged?

Let me ask it this way, which word do you desire to describe your “attachment”? Its a new year, its a new day. Start today. I know its cliché, but Rome wasn’t build in a year, neither will your Spiritual life. Its daily, consistent, seemingly small acts of devotion that create and build our life with God. You can be described as a man or woman, student, child who is DEVOTED.

Start today. Start now.