I arrived at an essential conclusion this morning. Here it is. I'm officially DONE trying to get around, over, or under disappointment. Instead, I'm going to take a page from Hebrews 11 and 12 and get "through" it. When "things" happen, when lemons arrive on your doorstep, when crushing news arrives in your inbox and when events emerge from left field, what will inform your response? Who will guide your process? I'm learning that my reaction and response to crushing disappointment must be informed from something bigger, deeper...from someone far more Holy than me. Today I was reminded that the ONE who has gone before us, did not attempt to bypass betrayal or disappointment....He didn't attempt to conjure up an alternate route that would allow Him to bypass the cross, that would allow him to skip out on HIS RACE marked out for Him. Instead, Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith, got "through" his darkest hour, not around it. He didn't stumble before the finish line, he accelerated through it.

As a friend recently told me, the news you received today is NOT the CONCLUSION of the story, rather, it is the INTRODUCTION.

No one else can run the race that is marked out for you. So here's my free advice. STOP trying to get around, over or under what you're facing. Instead, lace up your Pumas...GET UP...fix your eyes on Jesus and RUN!!! Join in with the heroes of our faith and RUN the self decreasing, God increasing RACE that is marked out for you.