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Greater Give This Sunday

Jon PeacockComment

This Sunday will be a NOT miss kind of Sunday. Here's why: 1. We have 10 people GOING PUBLIC with their faith in Jesus through Baptism. It will be incredible!

2. We will have a vast majority of us GOING PUBLIC with our faith in Jesus through Greater Give. It will be sacrificial!

If you've missed some of what Greater Give is all about, the videos below will be helpful. Check em out.

GREATER GIVE  is not for a select few, this is for us…ALL of us! This sacrificial, one time gift will be a GREATER way for us to invest in the We Are Not Done vision, saying with our resources that we are IN 100%!

We need everyone to to step up BIG to make this happen. What can you go without, what can you sell, what can you give? This will be the single most sacrificial gift Kelly and I have ever given...I pray you join us!

Please take time to pray, take time to fast, take time to wait on God and give as He directs. May the ministry of Mission Church become Greater, may our love and surrender to Jesus become Greater, may our worship intensify and may His fame become Greater through this…for the good of The 10, for the Glory of God.