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Holy Week Devotional | Day 6

Tommy BowmanComment
10“Surely this man was the Son of God!” Mark 15:39

Have you ever visualized the body language and facial expressions of the Roman guard when he uttered this proclamation?  As the Holy Spirit was performing heart surgery on the inside, I picture awe and admiration on the outside. And then I wonder, as time went on, did his amazement wane?

Here is a better question.  Has mine??

I don’t know about the centurion.   But, as for me, the painstakingly truthful answer is yes… at times it does.  Embarrassingly, there are times I marvel more over a monster dunk than over the One who saved my soul.

There has never been, nor will there ever be, anyone or anything like Jesus Christ.  He should be the one who constantly causes my eyes, mouth, and more importantly my heart to burst wide open in utter astonishment.

With perfect love as the foundation, He espoused radical philosophies that confounded the religious elite.  His verbal smack-down of their worn-out and condescending ways proved he was the ultimate rebel with a cause.

Despise our enemies?  No, no, no.  Christ mandates that we love them!

We should work to get that jacket back when someone takes it from us, correct? Nope.  In fact, let’s go ahead and give them our pullover also.

Having others serve us is a sure sign that we’ve reached VIP status, right?  Not so.  It is the ones who are actually doing the serving that are the greatest.

Oh… and hold on to your hat on this one.  In a me-first world we are actually to consider others more important than ourselves!

Have we quit tasting to see how delicious this is?  Do we understand what a privilege it is to go against the flow and showcase His kingdom here on earth, as it is in heaven?

But wait, it gets even crazier!

He topped off his creative playbook with a maneuver that sealed the deal.  The God of the entire universe wore a crown of thorns so that we could wear a crown of victory.

My prayer for today is that the Holy Spirit would bring out the heavy equipment and wreck us.  That we would become completely undone as we fully absorb who He is, who we are, and what He still chose to do for us.

For surely, this man IS the Son of God!