How To Get Quiet In A Loud World | Spiritual Disciplines

Busyness is all around us, infiltrating our culture, our homes and yes even our church office.  Hard to imagine I know.  Busyness is something you see everywhere don’t you? This busyness works often times in our life like the volume wheel on your iPod...that’s right, the old retro iPod :) The more busy you are the louder your life gets.  The louder your life is, the more difficult it is to hear God and respond to His leading.

I was just reminded of this as I watched a recent football game.  The game was on the line, the crowd was going crazy.  The quarter back walks up to the line of scrimmage and then begins to make a gesture that was surprising.  You would think with the game on the line the more the quarterback would desire to have the stadium as loud as possible.  However the opposite was true.  The quarter back waved his arms in the air letting the crowd know that silence was the key to victory not volume.

How about you?  The game is your life and so much is on the line.  Each and every day God has a purpose for you and I to fulfill.  Each day God wants to download love into our hearts through his voice so that we can live out his mission here on earth.  When we look through the gospels we see that the life of Jesus looks quite similar to the quarterback with the game on the line.  Jesus seemed to believe that silence and solitude was they key to victory.

It’s hard not to be amazed at Jesus’ lifestyle. While Jesus didn’t have texts to return, status updates to check, tweets to scroll through, or leaves to rake. The fall looks quite different in the Middle East. That said, Jesus had a ton going on.  Just imagine if the word got out that you were on a healing rampage. You would have way more friends and way more people knocking on your door. It’s a false assumption to think that Jesus did not have noise in his world.  Despite all this, Jesus lived a life that was centered, a life that seemed to control the noise around him instead of being controlled by it.  In the gospel of Luke, chapter 5 we see that he did this by practicing the spiritual discipline of solitude.   His times of solitude reduced the noise around him so that he could hear from his father.

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “solitude”?  Well for me I’ve got to be honest with you, boredom quickly follows.  I’m an extreme extrovert so being alone has never really captured my heart.  On the converse I’ve run from solitude for most of my life.  I wish I could say that I’m an expert on this, but that would be stretching the truth for sure.  However solitude is something that is alot more frequent in my life.  Over the last few years God has been teaching me that this practice of solitude is actually a catalyst for growth and impact.  Most days I dream about God using my one and only life for great things, and most days I hesitate to see that “solitude” is a key for this vision to become a reality.  I’m starting to know what Jesus knew, getting alone and reducing the volume and noise in our world helps align our souls with God.

As you walk up to the line of scrimmage today (for most of us that will be metaphorically....sorry Uncle Rico), as the noise in your stadium reaches unbearable decibels, know that your key to victory is not found in more volume. The key is found in more of Gods uninterrupted voice speaking into our lives...this is the key to victory! As you choose to get alone with God may His Word, and His presence once again re-align your soul.  May He fill you and provide for you exactly what you need.

“If any man is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, ‘From his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water.” (John 7:37-38).