Mother of Prayer

I am a mother of two boys. My oldest is a people person, snuggly, silly, kind hearted,
independent, he loves cars & army guys, he enjoys playing games, and play with his friends. He
is an amazing five year old little boy.

My youngest son I have never met. He currently lives on the other side of the world in Africa.
I know his name and I have a two month old picture of him. I know a few details of his story, but
mostly I only know the challenges he has had to overcome in his two years of life. Challenges I
wish no child had to experience!

I long to know him! I long to immerse him with my love! I long to have him in my presence to
protect him, fight for him, and get him whatever he needs to grow strong and healthy! But in
this moment, I can’t. I desire to be in control of this adoption process, to go get him now and
bring him home, but that is not how it works. I am not in control! I must wait!

I have learned to shift my focus to prayer. Trusting he is in the safe care of our agency partners,
but most importantly trusting to my core, he is in the care of God. I work to sit in a place of
contentment. Contentment and peace trusting in God – believing that my son is being taken
care of, protected and loved by the foster family he is with. That God is taking care of his needs
to continue to grow and develop.

Contentment in prayer is where I sit! Prayer is my connection to God, my connection to my son.
Through prayer I am connected to him. I am able to protect him. I am able to take care of him.

I am learning prayer is one of the most important thing a mother can do for her child. This
realization causes me to ask the question, why don’t I pray more for my children?

This Mother’s Day I am challenged to control less and pray more.