Soul Combustion

It was in an upper room where friends gathered, doing what Jesus told them to do. Praying. Lifting seemingly small, powerless prayers toward heaven. Little did they know that a Holy Spirit combustion was about to take place. Little did they know that the long awaitedprophecy of Joel 2 was about to be fulfilled. In an instant, taking everyone by surprise, the wind blew, the place shook, the Holy Spirit arrived, the Church was born. The ordinary, unschooled followers of Jesus were instantly filled with the extraordinary grace and power of the 3rd person of the Trinity; the Holy Spirit. This was a day that changed EVERYTHING!!! A revival was ignited, a city was about to be awakened, souls were set ablaze.

This morning at 6:30, our 1st Ignite Prayer hotspot will assemble at the park next to Stratford Middle. Over the next 11 weeks, 10 hot spots, including 100 people from Mission will gather throughout The 10 to ask our Reviving, Soul Combusting God to do what He’s been known to do. To light a fire within his children, to give his followers His heart for His City, to Revive the places within us that have grown dormant, to Revive The 10. My prayer for these hotspots flow from the song that is on “repeat” these days, titled “Build Your Kingdom Here”:

Come set Your rule and reign In our hearts again Increase in us we pray Unveil why we're made Come set our hearts ablaze with hope Like wildfire in our very souls Holy Spirit come invade us now We are Your Church We need Your power

 Kingdom Come!

*If you’d love to join us over the next 11 weeks, email us at and we’ll get you connected.