This has been a season when God is reminding us why we exist as a church. He's reminding us why we left the jobs we had to start this church. Simply: To Help People Find & Follow Christ. Just beyond that is our unique calling to a specific geographical area, The 10. Our dream is to reach 262,000 people that make up The 10 with the love of Christ. I've been diving back into the book Start With Why by Simon Sinek and I'm reminded that what I stated above cannot be stated enough.

  • Mission Church isn't here to offer what the church down the street doesn't, but to partner with them.
  • Mission Church isn't here simply to change today, but the legacy for generations to come.
  • Mission, at it's core, is a church striving to become a movement of God in The 10!

This is WHY we exist.

So let me ask you, Why is Mission your church? When you talk about Mission, what do you start with?