If you were to evaluate April, would there be undeniable evidence of the practicing of Spiritual Disciplines within your life? Let's first get clear on what Spiritual Disciplines are. They are not the end, they are not even the point. The end and the point is the presence of God. My key Spiritual Discipline is one that is no where to be found on Richard Foster’s list; however, I’m sure he would have no qualms qualifying it. It’s the Spiritual Discipline of running. RUN BridgeI know that sounds entirely un-Spiritual, but then again, what is the point and what is the end? Running, while listening to some great worship tunes, pulls me into God’s presence more than anything else. Because of this, I invest in it. I have running shoes that I intentionally put on, I have a playlist that I have thoughtfully selected and I have a trail that I frequent 3-4 times a week. This past Sunday morning, I was on that trail and was awestruck by the bridge that I have crossed hundreds if not thousands of times.

As I ran over the bridge, deeper into God’s creation, it hit me. This bridge takes me from overwhelming pressure to His overwhelming presence! 

For me, running is the means into God's presence. For you, chances are it would lead you further from God’s presence :) I’m ok with that, I don’t need any more running partners, the question is what Spiritual Disciplines are you exercising on a consistent basis? Maybe its Bible Study, Fasting, Solitude, Confession or Serving...I’m not sure what it is, but my prayer is that you would discover the key “bridges” in your life. The key places and spaces that lead you into God’s presence.

Nothing heals like His presence, nothing restores like His voice. Posture yourself today, position yourself this week to be changed and guided by the One who created you.