Your Golden Cow

Yesterday I shared some of the things God revealed to me as I prayed and embraced the "test me" portion of Psalm 139. My Soul, for that moment of the day was cleansed. Idols were brought to the surface and I was able to own and admit things that I had allowed to become ultimate in my life. I think Pastor Tim Keller defines idolatry better than anyone; "idols are good things that have become ultimate things". In addition to that, I was say there are certainly times we have allowed not good things to become essential things. No matter how you look at it, I think we'd all agree with Calvin who said that our "hearts are idol factories". 9524493-the-golden-calf-as-described-in-the-book-of-exodus

For me, this factory is never on strike and the workers have never needed any training. Without delay and without continued education, golden cows just seem to be created within the JP factory...idols that I consciously and subconsciously bow down to.

As you pray the "test me" portion of the prayer what comes to the surface? What evidence of unfaithfulness is staring you in the face? As you invite God to turn the heat up in your life, what impurities rise to the top of your souls crucible?

This week will you be a disciple of comfort or a disciple of Christ? Today will you be a follower of convenience or a follower of Christ?

Join me as we continue to pray this soul detoxifying prayer....."test me and know my anxious thoughts. see if there is any offensive way in me"

-Jon Peacock