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The 3 "Not(s)"

Mission Church
The 3 "Not(s)"

Like most things in life, there is a time for everything. This idea 100% includes inviting those you care about to church. Though we absolutely believe that almost any time is a great time, we also know that there are 3 conversational triggers that could inform you that the person you're talking with might be more receptive to your invitation. In a teaching called "The Cue To Who", Pastor Joel Thomas from North Point Community Church in the ATL calls them "The 3 Not(s)" and they are as follows:

“NOT in church. NOT going well. NOT prepared for.”
— Joel Thomas

1. Thing's Are NOT going well.

This could be a lot of things. Relational trouble, anxiety or stress surrounding a situation, or even parenting struggles. "I'm so sorry to hear about that ... Hey, I know it could be hard to find the energy, but I would love if you came to church with me this weekend; even just for some encouragement."

2. I was NOT prepared for this.

Good times can also bring a whole host of surprises. An unexpected pregnancy, a new job opportunity, or newlyweds just trying to figure marriage out; life happens and we're caught off guard sometimes. "Nobody could prepare you for that, but maybe you'd want to seek some guidance this weekend at my church?"

3. We're NOT in church.

This is a layup. "Hey, why don't you come this weekend to mine?"

What if we were on the lookout for these simple yet informative Not(s)? In all three of these situations we have the opportunity to invite the people we interact with on a daily basis into a place where they can experience community on a deeper level, hear biblical truths that can be applied directly to their lives, and encounter the saving and sending love of Jesus Christ.