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Love Where You Live

Mission Church
Love Where You Live

What if a church existed not just to be in the neighborhood but actually for the neighborhood?

What if we narrow our focus to deepen our impact? What if we simply loved where we live?

Those are the questions Mission Church was born out of and are still the heartbeat of who we are today. We chose 10 neighborhoods and we call these neighborhoods The 10. (We know ... major points for creativity.)

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Simply stated, The 10 is the geographic area we feel called to serve first. Our focus on The 10 is in no way intended to diminish needs in other areas. We believe we have been called to serve The 10, and that by narrowing our focus on this area we can deepen our collective impact upon it.


One More Thing

For The 10 is also the name for a ministry of Mission Church rooted in this core value and simple Biblical commandment: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

For The 10 exists to serve the people of The 10 by identifying, funding, and supporting needs in the community in unprecedented ways. Unconditionally. Without strings attached or hidden agenda.

We achieve this vision by funding and organizing, along with our generous sponsors, initiatives that we believe: are meeting tangible needs, are not already being done by others, are scalable, and that can be done exceptionally.

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