Mission Church
Mission Church
Helping People Find & Follow Christ • Sundays 9:00am, 10:30am, and 12:00pm


Mission Church exists to Help People Find & Follow Christ. We are desperate to experience a movement of Jesus in The 10 in our lifetime.

That means it’s going to take all of us... each of us. How do we prepare for this? We Gather Differently, Grow Intentionally, Go Missionally.


Gather Differently

We believe Gathering weekly is really important and we believe it can actually Help People Find and Follow Christ. We don’t just want to show up for an hour or so, sing a few songs, listen to some great teaching and leave unchanged...we want to Gather so that it contributes to our growth.

Here’s how we Gather Differently at Mission Church:

We Gather Consistently

We Invite Regularly

We Give Generously

We Volunteer Faithfully


It’s when we Gather Differently that we are positioned to experience the growth God has in store for us.


Grow Intentionally

There are a ton of ways you can grow in your faith as you Find and Follow Christ. At Mission, we want to help in 4 intentional ways that we call our Growth Track: Step 1 • Grow in Belief. Step 2 • Grow in Partnership. Step 3 • Grow in Experience. Step 4 • Grow in Purpose.

This is our Growth Track which activates, equips and sends us to Go to our neighborhoods and networks to love where we live and help people find and follow Christ.


Go Missionally

We are desperate to experience a movement of Jesus in The 10, in our lifetime. As we Find and Follow Christ, we want to Help Others Find and Follow Christ.

We envision the day where Mission Church is known not just for where it Gathers, but as communities of people Helping People Find and Follow Christ in schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, gyms... wherever your two feet take you.