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Where are you volunteering? Only you can answer that question, but we'd love to help!

Browse the teams below and select which one(s) interest you most. You'll have the opportunity to try it on for size and decide your next steps!*

*No long term contracts or super secret handshakes needed!

The Teams
There is no shortage of cuteness on this team! Whether it's holding babies, welcoming new families, helping out during the week, or any of the 15+ positions there is an impactful role for you to play in these kiddo's lives.
Let's face it, we were all teenagers at one point. Wouldn't it have been awesome to have a place to go where people took you seriously, made time for your questions, and invested in your life? On this team you can do that for students in our very own neighborhoods!
You know that warm/fuzzy feeling you got when you first walked into Mission? It's all thanks to this team that loves new faces, and loves making guests feel at home even more. "People persons" unite!
Production & Worship
You might be thinking; "There is no way I would know how to do the stuff this team does." Well, here are two thoughts for you: 1. You don't have to know how to shred an AC/DC solo to make an impact on this team. 2. You are using technology to fill out this form. Which means you're 99% done with your training. Congrats!
Do you like to sweat? Do you have an eye for organization? Do you sweeten your coffee with sawdust? (Ok, maybe that was a little much?) Seriously though, "The Ops" team is like the Navy Seals of Mission Church. First in, last out, and tough-as-nails. Hooyah!
This team is for those that recognize the value of a hot cup of coffee and blueberry muffin on a Sunday morning. Basically they're every other volunteer's best friend at 8:00am!
Mission has a lot to say, and how we say it is why this team exists. A internet connection is the only requirement if you're ready to help reach The 10 with the good news of Jesus!
Do you have a particular skill set that you'd like to use at Mission? Great! Let us know what it is and we'll do our best to find a spot for you!
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