Mission Church

Welcome Home. For Real.

You’ll hear the term “Come as you are.” a whole bunch around here. That’s because it doesn’t matter what you did last night or last year… You are loved and welcome.

You’ve Got This!

Most of what you'll find in our neighborhoods has been here awhile - and that's a good thing. It speaks to the heritage and connectedness in this area of Chicago. If you haven't been here for at least 10 years, you're new.

Well, that technically makes Mission Church new. So, receive this virtual high-five for checking us out and take a look at this 60 second preview of what we’re all about!

How Do I Get There? 

By driving of course! We’re pretty sure that all you need is our address and a GPS to find us. Once you get here our Parking Team will help you find a great spot.

Mission Church: 82 Stratford Drive, Bloomingdale, IL 60108

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What Should I Bring?

Just yourself actually! And maybe a friend or two? You don’t need any special gear or even a Bible*.

*In fact we’ll give you a Bible for free, right now. You can download the free Bible app using the links below for any smartphone.

What Should I Wear?

Please wear what you are most comfortable in. At Mission Church, you will see people from all backgrounds, styles, and walks of life. Whether you want to come in a suit or come in a t-shirt and ripped jeans, it’s all good with us!

What Should I Expect?

• Each service lasts approximately sixty minutes-ish.

• Doors to the auditorium open ten minutes prior to the first service starting. While you’re waiting feel free to grab some complimentary coffee (Maybe even a donut?) in the lobby, meet new people, and connect!

• Our lobby atmosphere before and after service is engaging and inclusive. There will always be a friendly face to greet you and people to connect with!

• Our services open with our band playing 3-4 songs. Our music is vibrant and spirit-filled.

What About My Kids?

Kids are not only welcomed at Mission Church, we actually hope you bring them! Our safe and secure environments are designed to help your kiddos engage in God’s bigger story for their lives.

Plus, you get 60 minutes of peace and quiet. #ParentGoals

Where Can I Connect?

Our Guest Central area is designed just for you! Friendly people with team lanyards and black shirts are there (and throughout the lobby) to greet you, answer any questions you may have, and help make your experience at church as enjoyable and welcoming as possible!

If you would like to contact us before your visit, please send us an email. You’ll actually get a response from a human! Her name is Jackie Glass and she’s super nice.


Digital Connectedness Counts Too!
Stay connected with us through our social media accounts to see what’s happening in the day to day life of our church!

Here’s a preview of our Instagram.👇

What’s In The Area?

This is a great question! Bloomingdale and the surrounding area has several awesome eateries for brunch, lunch, and everything in-between.


Brunch Cafe

1500 W Lake St, Roselle, IL 60172


Steak Burrito

84 Stratford Dr, Bloomingdale, IL 60108